Marie Osmond comparte la primera foto de sí misma junto a sus 4 nietos "preciosos"

Marie Osmond compartió una imagen única de sí misma a la que se unieron cuatro personas diminutas. Los "preciosos nietos" de la artista eran la parte principal de la foto de Instagram.

La actriz de "Donny & Marie" subió una dulce foto a Instagram el domingo. En ella, Marie se sentó junto a una fuente de agua que sostenía una silla de auto donde estaba Maxwell, de siete semanas de edad.

También hicieron acto de presencia Stephen Jr., cuatro, Rocket Jade, tres y Christian, dos. Solo los dos chicos miran hacia la cámara. La imagen se puede encontrar a continuación. 

Osmond comenzó su título:

"Estas adorables personas son mis nietos, y esta es la primera foto que me tomaron con los cuatro. Digamos que lograr que todos mirasen la cámara fue imposible! #LoMáximo

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We’ve heard it said that there are “seasons” in our lives. In this stage of my life journey, I find myself pondering the well discussed subject of how we spend our time. Last night, following the show at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, I enjoyed some “one-on-one” time with my sweet daughter, Abigail. We spent precious time together, talking over one of our fave desserts... FROZEN YOGURT! 😋 The topic of music came up and how it effects us. I may be a bit biased, but my daughter is wise for her age! 😊 She told me how she deleted a few songs from her library because at the ripe old age of 16 (my words inserted there, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be that age again! 😳), she realized that as much as she liked the music, some of the lyrics weren’t things she wanted imprinted on her mind. She said, even though she wasn’t really listening to the words, she knew her subconscious mind was. Again... pretty dang smart! After we got home, I pondered what my daughter said about the music we listen to and how it truly can impact our overall mood and lives. • On this Sabbath day, let us ponder over what kind of music we listen to and allow to influence our thoughts, and subsequently, our actions. Does it qualify as uplifting or does it bring us down? And like my Abi, what are we willing to remove from our playlists that might have a negative effect on us and the time we spend listening to it? • I've gone into more detail and included a few of my favorite Bible verses on the subject on my Facebook page and at #Happy #Sunday! • #seasons #music #musicismedicine

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Osmond, de 59 años, informó a los fanáticos de cómo pasaron la cena de Acción de Gracias con la familia antes de que el grupo saliera al cine. Vieron la película "El cascanueces y los cuatro reinos".

"Nada me hace más feliz o me trae más paz que estar con ellos porque son un recordatorio constante de lo que es verdaderamente importante en mi vida."

Ella añadió:

"Nada me hace más feliz o me trae más paz que estar con ellos porque son un recordatorio constante de lo que es verdaderamente importante en mi vida-"

La noticia llega como un alivio para los fanáticos que podrían estar preguntándose cómo se está sosteniendo la estrella de "The Osmonds". Su sobrino recientemente falleció después de una corta vida luchando contra su enfermedad.

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These adorable people are my grandchildren, and this is the first photo taken of me with all four of them. ♥️ Let’s just say that getting everyone to look at the camera was an impossibility! #GoodAsItGets 🤣😂🤣 We did our Thanksgiving celebration a few days early and then the day after took them to the Nutcracker movie. Nothing makes me happier or brings me more peace than being with them because they are a constant reminder of what is truly important in my life. Being a grandma to these precious children is the most remarkable feeling, I love it!!! 😍 • I am so grateful for them and for all the other blessings in my life. Although I have made mistakes as everyone has, I have tried to rebound from each one filled with more knowledge which gives me greater hope. I believe the main reason I have been able to bounce back or stay resilient with my mistakes is because of the basic things my sweet Mother taught me. • Nothing is more gratifying than finding peace with your family, friends and loved ones. After all... tiz the season of peace. 😊🎄 Read more about how to find this peace on my Facebook page and

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Troy Dean Osmond tenía solo 33 años cuando murió mientras dormía el 18 de noviembre. Osmond publicó una larga leyenda en Instagram que hablaba de su sobrino, los incendios forestales de California y Dios.

Ella dijo de Troya:

“Era un ejemplo para muchos, nunca dejaba que sus desafíos físicos se interpusieran en el modo de vivir su vida al máximo. En primer lugar, Troy amaba a su familia y los alentaba con cada oportunidad que tenía, y nosotros lo amamos, total y ferozmente."

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This was a sad and challenging week for our family as my wonderful nephew Troy passed away in his sleep at 33. He had struggled with illness since he was nine years old and those trials caused him a great deal of pain his whole life. Although I am grateful he isn’t suffering any longer, his loss has left a huge hole for our family. He was an exemplar to many, never letting his physical challenges get in the way of living his life to the fullest. First and foremost, Troy loved his family and cheered them on with every opportunity he had, and we loved him, completely and fiercely. For now my brother Merrill and his family need to heal, and if you see them in concert please allow them that time. Living with Troy’s death will be one of the hardest things they do but I know that over time they will be able to use this experience to help others. Life is learning how to deal with trials and challenges, and they can be humbling and painful, but I know our Savior will help us go through them instead of around them, if we ask for His help. Humbly asking for help can move us forward in peace and love. I don’t believe God orchestrates trials, He isn’t behind the fires in California or the wars that plague our world, He isn’t involved in the anger and rancor we witness each day… man has been given the opportunity to choose... God will not take our agency away, how could we learn? Like a good parent, children are given rules, guidelines and boundaries to keep them safe. However, if they choose to disobey wise counsel there are consequences that limit their freedoms to enjoy a productive, healthy life. It’s all up to actions and choices. God can’t stop people from making bad choices but he can help those of us who have been hurt by those choices to heal. This is why even when we do experience pain we will always win if we choose to have God’s love in our hearts. Then we learn... He is in the words we use to comfort, the impressions we use to guide, the arms we use to share our burdens and help others with the knowledge that God is ALWAYS there! Read the full message on my Facebook page and

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Osmond luego pidió que el público le diera tiempo a su hermano Merrill y su familia para sanar. Esperamos que la publicación reciente de Osmond en Instagram sea un reflejo de su recuperación en un momento tan difícil.

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