Los papás de Meghan Markle: historia de amor y desencuentro de Doria Ragland y Thomas Markle

Aunque el matrimonio entre Doria Ragland y Thomas Markle duró poco tiempo, la pareja continuó apoyándose pese a sus diferencias y desacuerdos.

Si bien la relación entre Meghan Markle y el Príncipe Harry parece sacada de un cuento de hadas, el matrimonio entre los padres de Meghan, Doria Ragland y Thomas Markle, no corrió con la misma suerte. 

Luego de ocho años de matrimonio, la pareja se divorció cuando Meghan apenas tenía seis años de edad. Sin embargo, Thomas y Doria mantuvieron una buena amistad por el bien de su hija. 

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‪This evening The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accompanied Her Majesty The Queen and members of @TheRoyalFamily to the annual @RoyalBritishLegion Festival of Remembrance. This special event, which has taken place every year since 1923 at the @RoyalAlbertHall, commemorates all those who have lost their lives in conflicts.‬ • ‪This year’s Festival marked the 75th anniversary of a number of crucial battles of 1944, with a particular emphasis on the collaboration and friendship of the British, Commonwealth and Allied armies who fought them. A unique tribute was given to acknowledge those involved both past and present, culminating in a special parade of some of the last surviving veterans who fought and served in 1944.‬ • ‪Their Royal Highnesses, who last year attended their first Festival of Remembrance together, were honoured to once again pay tribute to all casualties of war and remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.‬ ‪#FestivalOfRemembrance ‪#WeWillRememberThem‬ Photo © PA / Royal British Legion

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Doria Ragland es una licenciada en psicología y cuenta con una maestría en trabajo social. No obstante, su experiencia profesional ha sido variada debido a sus múltiples virtudes.

Después de terminar la escuela secundaria, Doria comenzó a trabajar como maquilladora en un estudio de televisión, donde conoció a Thomas Markle. Años más tarde, Doria pasó a ser agente de viajes y propietaria de una pequeña empresa.

Meghan Markle y su madre, Doria Ragland, en Cliveden Estate del National Trust, 18 de mayo de 2018 en Berkshire, Inglaterra. I Foto: Getty Images

Meghan Markle y su madre, Doria Ragland, en Cliveden Estate del National Trust, 18 de mayo de 2018 en Berkshire, Inglaterra. I Foto: Getty Images

También laboró como trabajadora social durante tres años en la clínica de salud mental Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, en Culver City, California.

Actualmente, Doria trabaja como instructora de yoga y psicoterapeuta en Los Ángeles, la misma ciudad que Meghan y Harry escogieron como su nuevo hogar. 

Meghan Markle, su madre Doria Ragland, y el Príncipe Harry, en el Palacio de Kensington el 20 de septiembre de 2018 en Londres, Inglaterra. I Foto: Getty Images

Meghan Markle, su madre Doria Ragland, y el Príncipe Harry, en el Palacio de Kensington el 20 de septiembre de 2018 en Londres, Inglaterra. I Foto: Getty Images

Meghan describió a su madre como un "espíritu libre" que se manifiesta no solo a través de su apariencia poco convencional, sino a través de sus buenas acciones, ya que Doria acostumbra a colaborar en causas benéficas.


Nacido en una familia dedicada a la minería, Thomas Markle trabajó arduamente para construirse una pasión distinta al carbón.

Thomas logró especializarse en dirección de iluminación y dirección de fotografía, obteniendo un Premio Emmy por su trabajo en la película "Made in Chicago". 

Más tarde, se desempeñó como director de iluminación en el set de la serie de televisión "Hospital General" y "Casado...con hijos".

Antes de casarse con Doria, ya Thomas había fracasado en su primer matrimonio. Esta unión le dejó a sus dos hijos mayores, Samantha, y Thomas Jr., quienes se convirtieron en los hermanastros de Meghan. 


A finales de los 70, Doria y Thomas se conocieron en el estudio de televisión de la serie "Hospital General" donde Doria trabajaba como maquilladora temporal y Thomas como director de iluminación.

Poco después de conocerse, la pareja se enamoró y en 1979 decidieron casarse en el Templo de Auto-Realization Fellowship de Paramahansa Yogananda en Hollywood, Los Ángeles.

Dos años después, Doria y Thomas le dan la bienvenida a la pequeña Meghan, en 1981. Tras ocho años de matrimonio, los padres de Meghan deciden divorciarse cuando ella solo tenía seis años. 

Thomas y Doria manejaron su divorcio en buenos términos, a pesar de que ya no estaban casados, la expareja continuó criando a su hija junta. 

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Spotlight on: Smart Works We are proud to be supporting a very special initiative this autumn for @SmartWorksCharity! After quiet visits to Smartworks over the last year, The Duchess was moved by the impactful work being done by this non profit organisation that helps women into the workforce, equipping them with both the skills and clothes they need to feel job-ready. Throughout her visits she noticed that while the donations were plentiful, they were also notably a combination of mismatched items and colours which weren’t always the right stylistic choices or sizes that didn’t necessarily “suit” the job at hand: to make a woman feel confident and inspired as she walked into her job interview. As a result, launching this autumn, The Duchess will be supporting a collective to help equip the women of Smart Works with the key workwear essentials they need as they enter into the workplace. This initiative is supported by four generous brands who share the vision to empower the women of Smart Works to look and feel 💯 as they bravely venture in to what can often be a daunting environment for those who have been out of the job market. The brands have come together to work towards this united force for good, “[reframing] the idea of charity as community,” as The Duchess writes in a piece for this month’s British Vogue. They will follow the 1:1 model where an item from the collection purchased is an item shared with a woman of Smart Works because “not only does this allow us to be part of each other’s story; it reminds us we are in it together.” For more information on how you can be part of another woman’s success story visit @smartworkscharity. Special thanks to: @JohnLewisandPartners, @MarksandSpencer, @MishaNonoo, @InsideJigsaw for supporting this very special organisation. And to find out more, read the September issue of @BritishVogue and stay tuned for more exciting updates this autumn. Photo©️SussexRoyal

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Los orígenes raciales de Doria se remontan a los tiempos de esclavitud en Georgia y Tennessee. Thomas por su parte, proviene de una familia irlandesa/holandesa con experiencia en minería. 

En sus primeros años escolares, Meghan asistió a distintas escuelas privadas donde había una gran falta de diversidad racial, lo que le generaba problemas para identificarse con alguien en su colegio.

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Today, The Duke of Sussex attended UK’s first National Youth Mentoring Summit, hosted by @DianaAward. The Diana Award, created in 1999, is a continuation of Princess Diana’s legacy and her belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. Young people shared their experiences of being mentees and explained why it is so important to them to have businesses, organisations and leaders support mentoring. Two of these were influential young leaders Deborah and Dorcas Kabongo, who won the Diana Award in 2015 for their work on tackling key issues at the root of gang culture, focusing on the role of women and girls in gang-related violence and crime. They are having a real impact on their local community, showing those who may feel that joining a gang is their only option that there are alternatives in life. Since the creation of the Diana Award almost 20 years ago, the charity has recognised 48,000 selfless young people from across the world for their social action and humanitarian work. It has trained over 28,000 young people to stand up to bullying in their schools and communities through Anti-Bullying Ambassador training and supported over 1,000 vulnerable young people across the United Kingdom by introducing a positive role model into their lives through their Mentoring Programme. “I’m struck by a few things today, most of which is the power of the invisible role model. The person who may be sitting here today that doesn’t realise that someone looks up to them, that for that person, you inspire them to be kinder, better, greater, more successful, more impactful.” - The Duke of Sussex Thanks to organisations like The Diana Award the impact that young people can have is heard and acknowledged. For those who wish to become part of the programme and make a difference, please discover our link in bio for more information. Photo credit: Carmel King/The Diana Award

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"Mi papá es caucásico y mi mamá es afroamericana. Soy mitad negra y mitad blanca", dijo Meghan. "Ser birracial dibuja una línea borrosa que es a la vez asombrosa e iluminadora."

Cuando Meghan tenía siete años, deseaba para navidad un set de muñecas llamado "La familia corazón" que constaba de un grupo familiar constituido por una mamá, un papá y dos hijos de juguete. Este set solo venía en dos presentaciones, una familia blanca y una familia de color. 

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While in Johannesburg today, The Duchess of Sussex visited Victoria Yards, which celebrates the power of community, bringing local artisans and “makers” together to rebuild, support and learn from each other on a holistic level. It was an exceptional afternoon where The Duchess had the chance to connect with the children and founders of the phenomenal programme for kids’ development Timbuktu in The Valley. She was also struck by the local denim designer who founded eponymous brand Tshepo who shared this info about the logo for his line: “The crown on my jeans represents the three ladies who raised me. Enjoy wearing this crown.” Such a beautiful and touching sentiment! Artists, artisans, sculptors, metal workers and carpenters are all part of the fabric of Victoria Yards, but it also utilizes the power of The DICE programme which supports several other local organisations in their work with marginalised youth and women. These include: 94 Colours (run by The Duchess’ guides for the day, Hector and Sibusiso), CDP (a development programme for young unemployed and marginalised women that provides training to start creative enterprises), Enke (rebuilds the confidence and self-belief of unemployed youth through training and practical experience), 26’10 South (an architecture firm designing a local youth centre) and ReimagiNation (works with local secondary school students to create a social and creative enterprising mindset). Stay tuned for more updates from this special afternoon... #RoyalVisitSouthAfrica

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"En la mañana de Navidad, envuelta en papel de regalo con manchas de purpurina, allí encontré a mi Familia Corazón: una muñeca de mamá negra, un muñeco de papá blanco y un niño de cada color. Mi papá había desarmado los juegos y personalizó a mi familia", recordó Meghan.

En la actualidad, Meghan mantiene una relación muy cercana con su madre luego de haberse mudado a Los Ángeles.

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Today The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined The Queen and members of The Royal Family at the annual Trooping the Colour, to celebrate Her Majesty’s official birthday. Trooping the Colour orginated from traditional preparations for battle and has commemorated the birthday of the sovereign for more than 250 years. In the 18th century, guards from the royal palaces regularly assembled to “troop" colours or flags down the rank, so they could be seen and recognised by the soldiers. In 1748, it was announced this parade would also mark the Sovereign’s official birthday. Trooping the Colour is performed by regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies for The Queen’s birthday parade, allowing them to pay a personal tribute to Her Majesty. Today over 1400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians came together on Horse Guards Parade in London in a great display of military precision, horsemanship and fanfare. The parade concludes with a 41-gun salute fired by The King’s Troop, following which The Queen leads members of The Royal Family back to the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the Royal Air Force flypast display. Photos credit: PA

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Por otra parte, la relación de Meghan con su padre, Thomas Markle, se ha visto muy afectada debido a unas acusaciones hechas por Thomas en contra de la pareja real, unos días previos a la boda entre Meghan y el Príncipe Harry.   

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